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Espalier Camellia

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Espalier Camellia is woven on an ecru warp with a dusty coral-pink fill. It is wearable after one wash and is airier and less dense than other Pavo Form wraps, making it the perfect choice for the warmer months.

Espalier Camellia is suitable for snuggling both babies and toddlers. 

100% cotton | 280g/m2

Made with love in the United States of America

Form by Pavo Textiles 

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size 1, 2.2
size 2, 2.8
size 3, 3.2
size 4, 3.6
size 5, 4.2
size 6, 4.6
size 7, 5.2
size 8, 5.6

When selecting what size wrap to purchase it is important to consider what type of carry you would like to do, as well as what size you and baby are.  In general, a size 2 is a good size for rebozo, a 4 is perfect for a simple ruck for an older baby, a 5 or a 6 for a Front Wrap Cross Carry as seen in our Instruction page, and 7 and 8s for extra length.  

We recommend contacting your local babywearing group, finding an online community, or perusing YouTube for different carries to practice.  Please read our Safety page and practice, practice, practice.