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XOXO Hearts
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Hearts Nightjar [SilverSpun]

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Hearts Nightjar is woven on our natural American combed cotton warp with a SilverSpun™ fill yarn made from cotton, silver, and nylon, spun by The Feel Good Yarn Company®.  The introduction of silver in the yarn provides a unique wrapping experience with moldability, buoyancy, and resiliency.

Hearts Nightjar is machine washable, lay flat to dry.

85% American Combed Cotton I 8% Silver I 7% Nylon 

Proceeds from the sale of Hearts in the month of February will be donated to The Children's Heart Foundation



Pavo Hearts returns—redesigned, updated, and ever joyful—to show our love for you! Our new Hearts feature a precious tiny heart teaching rail, a non-directional layout, and a larger scale heart motif. 

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