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Kith & Kin
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Kith and Kin Grape Jam

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Kith & Kin Grape Jam is woven on a Pacific periwinkle warp with our concord grape mercerized cotton fill. 

Grape Jam is appropriate for all.

100% cotton | 260g/m2 | 70cm wide

Made with love in the United States of America

Our Kith & Kin wrap was designed to not only celebrate our families, but also to celebrate the friendships and bonds we forge in the babywearing community. It is a fitting wrap which celebrates the love, joy and community that babywearing fosters. To celebrate International Babywearing Week, Pavo Textiles will donate one in stock wrap to a verified* babywearing lending library of your choice for every Kith & Kin purchased. Please include the following information on our donation form:

Your Kith & Kin order number                                                                       Name of Babywearing Group with Lending Library
Link to Babywearing Group
Leader of Babywearing Group
Mailing address of Babywearing Group

Wraps available for donation are limited in quantity. If orders are placed and wraps available for donation are no longer available, the babywearing group in question will be put on our wait list and will be sent a wrap no later than 12/31/2015. *Babywearing group eligibility subject to verification. Pavo Textiles reserves the right to decline donation requests.


Kith and Kin IBW pavo textiles-2.jpg
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