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Pavo Presents

VIPavotee San Antonio & Austin

from 240.00

This listing is for one VIPavotee ticket for either Pavo Presents San Antonio or Pavo Presents Austin. The price of the ticket is determined by size of the VIP wrap you would like to purchase. Wrap size and Pavo Presents location are listed on the pull down menu. Please choose carefully. 

The VIPavotee ticket will include: 

3 o'clock entry to the event.

A VIPavotee schwag bag with Pavo accoutrements and accessories.

A Kith and Kin Texas is woven on our deep Atlantic warp with our signature Concord Grape fill. 

100% cotton I 280 gm/m^2 I 70 cms wide pre-wash

The paper doll pattern was inspired by our connections to the greater babywearing community and the art and craft of cut paper. The dolls are one directional to aid in learning new carries, or just assist with your old favorites. Soft enough for babies, strong enough for toddlers. 

All proceeds from Kith & Kin will be donated to The Children's Heart Foundation.   

Made with love in The United States of America 


kith and kin texas-4.jpg
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