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Unicornio Fondant

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Unicornio Fondant is woven on our North Sea warp with a soft pink fill. The result is a retro color story of pink and grey. 

Unicornio is an Otomí inspired wrap, it is a celebration of traditional textiles and the women who create them. 

100% cotton | 260g/m2

Made with love in the United States of America

If you are considering buying Otomí embroidery, we strongly encourage you to buy fair trade Otomí pieces where the artisans, who are predominantly women, are fairly compensated for their work. Casa Otomi is a good place to start. Pavo donates a large portion of proceeds from all of our wraps to various charities, including IDEX who support organizations that are working to develop social and economic parity for indigenous peoples, notably women, in Mexico. 


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