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Pavo Dusk

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Pavo Dusk is woven on an ivory warp with an unmercerized carbon black fill. In loom state, the twill weave of Pavo Dusk will feel rough and flat. A single wash, dry and iron turns Pavo Dusk into a soft fluffy marshmallow. 

Pavo Dusk is suitable for snuggling both babies and toddlers. 

Wraps are available in sizes 2-8. Please see our size chart here for specific lengths. Ring slings are available with a gathered floating shoulder and bronze rings. Our ring slings measure approximately 2.0 meters from rings to tail. The tail is right side out, the seat of the sling is wrong side out. Pavo Dusk is an exclusive that was championed by the loyal fans of Pavo Pavo, known as P2. Long live the underdog! 

Wraps are in house and ready to ship

100% cotton | 280 g/m2

Made in the United States of America


Vive la Vadge!
pavo dusk.jpg